What can we do?

I think we can all agree that suicide rates within the LGBT+ Community are far too high; in 2015 59% of trans people said that they had at least considered suicide. That’s only trans people, think of how much higher that percentage would be if the whole of the community had been included. Now, whilst i know that there are many other factors that come into suicidal thoughts than just being trans, gay, bi, etc. being a part of the community is going to be a large part. This is because LGBT+ people face so much discrimination and so many obstacles-it was only in recent years that the lesbian and gay couples living in america were able to get married, and they still face extreme discrimination from the likes of Westboro Baptist Church (you don’t have to scroll far through their twitter account before finding their famous slogan ‘God hates f*gs’).

So, what can the average person do to help lower LGBT+ suicide rates?

The biggest, most important thing we could do is to say to those that try to tell us that we’re wrong or unnatural is to tell them, show them they are wrong. Show them that homosexuality has been observed in 1,500 species- your feelings, your identity is completely natural and completely valid. When you tell the homophobes, the transphobes, the bipohobes etc. be polite and respectful, or you’ll never be able to get through to them, and if you still can’t convince them that its natural, maybe you can at least convince them to not try to take away our rights and keep their views on us to themselves.


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