Sergeant Leonard P. Matlovich

“When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”

This is a very famous quote amongst our community; it depicts humanity’s priorities at their finest. Society would rather that we kill people that someone sat on a golden throne has decided is our enemy than be something different. Anything different, we don’t understand and anything we don’t understand, isn’t ‘right’.

What defines right though? The easiest answer is what is written in our laws and what our own moral compass tells us. However, I believe that the correct answer, at least for humanity at this point in time, is that ‘right’ is defined by what we are brought up to believe. For each person ‘right’ is different, for some it’s the internalised racism they brought up in, for others it’s the belief that everyone should have the right to the same opportunities, because of this it’s incredibly difficult to give ‘right’ a black and white definition. We as a community are all different and beautiful.

That’s what love is, it is beautiful. It’s also soul-crushing, but it’s beautiful none the less. So to reward someone for killing, an action our laws clearly state as wrong, and to punish them for loving another is despicable. Loving is something that has carved itself into our identity as humanity, so I have a question for all those that believe being gay, bisexual, etc. is wrong: Why is only a certain type of love ok, when can clearly see all types of love are natural if we look at the animal kingdom?


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